Filipinos in New York In Solidarity with Black Tuesday

Filipinos in New York In Solidarity with Black Tuesday

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

October 9, 2012

NEW YORK–With their mouths covered with black tape, Filipino activists staged a silent protest at the Philippine Consulate in New York against the Philippine Cybercrime Law, notwithstanding the high court’s decision to halt its implementation.

The Philippine Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a 120-day temporary restraining order on the Cybercrime Prevention Act. The law will not take into its full effect until February 6, 2013.

The injunction order stops law enforcement agencies, like the Department of Justice, the National Bureau of Investigation and even the Department of Science and Technology from implementing the entire law.

Next year, the Supreme Court will deliberate on the issues; consolidating all 15 petitions that has been filed to revoke the law.

“Right now we see it as a success, its one step in the right direction, it does give us time to re-strategize about how this campaign should go and give us some more time to explore the possibilities of how this law can go into effect,” said Jackie Mariano of BAYAN USA.

Dubbed as e-martial law by critics, the protesters said the law’s libel provision curtails the freedom of expression online.
“We believe in junking the entire law and if need be, then come up with a better one, because we believe that this law is really
curtailing a lot of the rights of the people’s right to freedom of expression,” said Gary Labao of the New York Commission for Human
Rights in the Philippines.