The New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) is an NYC-based community organization that shares the vision of human rights advanced by the growing mass movement for social justice in the Philippines. NYCHRP educates, organizes and mobilizes Filipinos in the tri-state area to take progressive action in upholding and supporting the human rights of Filipinos in the Philippines and throughout the world.

NYCHRP was formally founded in New York City during the U.S. wide speaking tour of Marie-Hilao Enriquez, secretary-general of KARAPATAN (the largest and most militant alliance of human rights organizations in the Philippines) on December 2004.


NYCHRP is committed to the advancement of the Filipino people’s struggle and determination for the protection and promotion of human rights. NYCHRP campaigns to free all political prisoners, works to expose and oppose militarization and fascism, demands justice for all victims of human rights violations and actively participates in other human rights struggles.


NYCHRP serves to disseminate information, news and updates on the current human rights-related situation in the Philippines as well as for Filipinos worldwide. NYCHRP conducts symposiums, forums and educational discussions. NYCHRP holds film showing and multi-media presentations. NYCHRP also provides relevant documents, educational and informative materials on the human rights situation in the Philippines.


To develop strong public opinion and support for human rights issues and concerns, NYCHRP launches campaigns that focus on and highlight specific cases of human rights violations. NYCHRP also participates in various local, national and international campaigns. NYCHRP also actively holds various political actions and engages in advocacy work.


NYCHRP conducts and facilitates exposure and integration trips to the Philippines and actively participates with various fact-finding missions such as the International Solidarity Mission (ISM).


NYCHRP actively engages in dialogue with and helps organize the community, builds alliances and establishes solidarity connections. NYCHRP works closely with the Philippines’ largest and most militant human rights alliance KARAPATAN.


As an advocacy group for human rights in the Philippines, NYCHRP coordinates or is involved in several types of events.

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Here are some examples of NYCHRP’s events:

Past Events

DUKOT NATIONAL FILM TOUR (NY/NJ leg) << separate sites!

Pagpupugay II

People’s International Observer Mission